First we Cared. Professionalism Followed.

Two decades ago, we came together with the intent of filling a void for many of our friends and neighbors. As some of us had witnessed the fragmentation of the New York homecare field firsthand, we created these simple goals for ourselves:

Raise the finest family of care aides in the state.

End all confusion & anxiety in acquiring care.

Treat clients & families with dignity.

Wherever you Are, We’re Going your Way.

Caring Professionals proudly serves the culturally diverse with exceptional, VIP-level home health aides and personal care aides – each client in their own language. Whether you live at home, in a nursing home, or at an assisted living facility, we skillfully coordinate your individualized care throughout your homecare or recovery process. We’re with you.

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We Place your Well Being before our Profit.

Through guidance and assistance, we help you maximize the care you can obtain under your coverage, and expedite the application process to get you onto the care plan you need – when you need it. We also pay our aides more generously than others, ensuring that we maintain the top talent pool, and thus always fit our clients to their perfect aide.

Even our Competitors Rely on our Care..

Culture and individualism are celebrated at Caring Professionals. Our aides are bilingual, and we happily evaluate dozens of aides -if that’s what it takes! – to find the perfect match for you. We’ve heard from family members that we’ve kept their loved ones alive longer, and even our competitors trust our care when obtaining aides for their own family.


Get started now!

Whether for yourself or for a family member, Caring Professionals is eager to speak with you and discuss the better care services we can bring into your life. Contact us today to make tomorrow the best day it can be.